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PROJECT: Waiting for a Knock at the Door

All images Katalina Simon (2019-2023) except images listed below:

Fortepan/MHSZ (Boys in gas masks) 1972
Fortepan/Lorincze (Men looking off the bridge) 1956
Fortepan/Marics Zoltan (Burnt out building) 1956
Fortepan/Bauer Sandor (Dancing man) 1956
Fotrepan/Barath Geza (Boys) 1937
Fortepan/Fortepan (Pig head) 1957
Fortepan/Lissak Tivadar (Girl at florist window) 1943
Altered from original: USA Today, March 18,2022 (soldier)
Fortepan/Konok Tamás (Slingshot kids) 1943
Fortepan/Konrad Miklos (Man on beach) 1956
Zmertych family archive (artist) 1971

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